[OpenNESS-dev] [EXTERNAL]--RE: Installing Worker Node

Ravindran, Ravi (Ravishankar) RavindraR2 at corning.com
Tue Mar 2 11:57:00 PST 2021

Hi Amr,

With what I reported, do you know if it is a known issue ?, if you can refer to other similar queries, that would help too..


On 3/2/21, 9:35 AM, "Ravindran, Ravi (Ravishankar)" <RavindraR2 at corning.com> wrote:

    Hi Amr,

    Just reported these two issues on GitHub too..assume will have to track any responses there itself ?


    On 3/2/21, 8:52 AM, "Mokhtar, Amr" <amr.mokhtar at intel.com> wrote:

        Hi Ravi,
        For better tracking of technical issues, it is best to report the issue on GitHub - https://github.com/open-ness/openness-experience-kits/issues


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        Also stuck on the worker node provisioning, would be good to get some help with this too

        Retrying task - attempt 9 of 10
        Error occurred. Will retry after 5 seconds. You can find details below:
        No package matching 'tuned-2.11.0-8.el7' found available, installed or updated

        Retrying task - attempt 10 of 10
        fatal: [node01]: FAILED! => {
            "attempts": 10,
            "changed": false,
            "rc": 126,
            "results": [
                "No package matching 'tuned-2.11.0-8.el7' found available, installed or updated"


        No package matching 'tuned-2.11.0-8.el7' found available, installed or updated

        NO MORE HOSTS LEFT *************************************************************************************************************************************************************

        PLAY RECAP *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************
        node01                     : ok=85   changed=22   unreachable=0    failed=1    skipped=84   rescued=0    ignored=2


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