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Ravindran, Ravi (Ravishankar) RavindraR2 at corning.com
Tue Mar 2 09:19:23 PST 2021

Sure Amr, I can report the issue, but can someone can help be move forward on this too, have been stuck to find the right guidance from last few days at my end..


On 3/2/21, 8:52 AM, "Mokhtar, Amr" <amr.mokhtar at intel.com> wrote:

    Hi Ravi,
    For better tracking of technical issues, it is best to report the issue on GitHub - https://github.com/open-ness/openness-experience-kits/issues


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    Also stuck on the worker node provisioning, would be good to get some help with this too

    Retrying task - attempt 9 of 10
    Error occurred. Will retry after 5 seconds. You can find details below:
    No package matching 'tuned-2.11.0-8.el7' found available, installed or updated

    Retrying task - attempt 10 of 10
    fatal: [node01]: FAILED! => {
        "attempts": 10,
        "changed": false,
        "rc": 126,
        "results": [
            "No package matching 'tuned-2.11.0-8.el7' found available, installed or updated"


    No package matching 'tuned-2.11.0-8.el7' found available, installed or updated

    NO MORE HOSTS LEFT *************************************************************************************************************************************************************

    PLAY RECAP *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************
    node01                     : ok=85   changed=22   unreachable=0    failed=1    skipped=84   rescued=0    ignored=2


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