[OpenNESS-dev] known-issue: Working setups on 19.12 must update checkout tags

Mokhtar, Amr amr.mokhtar at intel.com
Wed Apr 29 05:08:18 UTC 2020

A problem was observed when having a working setup on 19.12, and trying to re-deploy, Openness Experience Kits (OEK) will check out 20.03 tag which does not match the original configuration causing the setup to break all of sudden.
This is happening because by default OEK always checks out master for edgecontroller & edgenode.
This has been fix as of 20.03, and all future setups will not get broken with newer releases. For existing 19.12 setups, the below change must be performed to the files:

  1.  openness-experience-kits/group_vars/controller_group.yml
  2.  openness-experience-kits/group_vars/edgenode_group.yml
- git_repo_branch: master
+ git_repo_branch: openness-19.12.01

NOTE: Apply this change before running deploy_*.sh scripts.

>From <https://github.com/open-ness/openness-experience-kits/issues/12>

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