[OpenNESS-dev] send traffic from container application deployed on node

Mokhtar, Amr amr.mokhtar at intel.com
Fri Apr 24 07:17:24 UTC 2020

Hi Ashish,
What dataplane are you using; NTS or OVN/OVS?
I presume it is NTS.. If so, then this is not possible. NTS is a bump in the wire and traffic routed downstream must be always originated from the client-side (upstream m/c). Thereby, to initiate this traffic you should use the management interface (the default eth0).
Another options is to try using OVN/OVS which is a new feature in 20.03 release. See https://github.com/open-ness/specs/blob/master/doc/dataplane/openness-ovn.md#ovsovn-support-in-openness-on-premises-ovn-cni


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Hi Openness Team,

I have deployed my application as container on the Edge-node. My application is generating some data packets, and  I want to send the traffic generated from inside this container to m/c connected on downstream interface.
I am using On-premise mode of deployment.

g is my setup:

[cid:image002.png at 01D5CC95.402CD110]

I have assigned ip to all the interfaces as mentioned in  app deployment guide.
But the issue is, I am not able to send traffic to the downstream m/c .
Can you please help me resolving this issue?

Thanks and Regards,
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