[OpenNESS-dev] How to run a shell script from the edgenode code

Ashish Saxena Ashish.Saxena at hsc.com
Thu Apr 16 04:03:47 UTC 2020

Hi Openness Team,

I have deployed  Openness version 20.03 controller and node on my setup.
I am deploying one application on the edgenode , and want to give DISPLAY as environment variable to the application.
For this , I have modified the code of eva_deploy.go file as follows:

func (s *DeploySrv) syncDeployContainer(ctx context.Context,
        dapp *metadata.DeployedApp) {
@@ -674,9 +687,41 @@ func (s *DeploySrv) syncDeployContainer(ctx context.Context,
                Memory:   int64(dapp.App.Memory) * 1024 * 1024,
                NanoCPUs: nanoCPUs,
+          cmd := exec.Command("/opt/edgenode/echo_display.sh")
+               out, err := cmd.CombinedOutput()
+               if err != nil {
+                log.Errf("cmd.Run() failed with %s\n", err)
+               }
+               //fmt.Printf("combined out:\n%s\n", string(out))
+            display := string(out)
+            final_display2 := "DISPLAY="+display
+            final_display := strings.TrimSuffix(final_display2,"\n")
+            log.Infof("final display variable= %v\n", final_display)
        if s.cfg.UseCNI {
                infraCtrID, cniErr := cni.CreateInfrastructureContainer(ctx, dapp)
@@ -690,6 +735,7 @@ func (s *DeploySrv) syncDeployContainer(ctx context.Context,

        containerCfg := container.Config{
                Image: dapp.App.Id,
+               Env:   []string{final_display},

        // Update hostCfg and containCfg based on EAC configuration

And the script  /opt/edgenode/echo_display.sh is as follows:

The code is compiling fine and edgenode has been deployed successfully, but while deploying the application , I am not getting the DISPLAY string and edgenode logs for the same is :
mec-app-edgednssvr  | <134>Apr 16 10:31:27 edgednssvr[1]: [main] Heartbeat
appliance_1         | <131>Apr 16 09:57:01 appliance[81734]: [eva] cmd.Run() failed with fork/exec /opt/edgenode/echo_display.sh: no such file or directory
nts                 | NES: [INFO] done
eaa_1               | <134>Apr 16 10:23:27 eaa[6]: [eaa] Heartbeat
mec-app-edgednssvr  | <134>Apr 16 10:32:27 edgednssvr[1]: [main] Heartbeat
nts                 | NES: [INFO] DPDK port: 1 PCI address: 0000:60:00.1 MAC address: ac:1f:6b:6b:49:85
appliance_1         | <134>Apr 16 09:57:01 appliance[81734]: [eva] display variable=

It looks like the script is not visible while deploying the application , which is actually present at the path , and I have make sure that the script exists at that path.

How can I  run that shell script from the code to meet our objective?

Thanks and Regards,

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